Coals in Fire

Heaping coals of fire

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It is a general tendency among us to pray for healing or blessing for those people who are good to us or our well-wishers. But God’s standards are different in this matter. His ways & thoughts are higher than ours, this we can learn from the life of Bible characters like Job & Moses. God forgave Job’s friends for their …

Test the spirits

Demon Possessed or God Possessed

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“Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” (1John 4:1) Here Apostle John is warning all believers. Paul also warns the believers about “the deceptive spirits in the later days.” (1Tim.4:1) As believers, we must discern (not judge) the spirit …

Plug into the Power Prayer

‘PRAYER’ – The Mark of a True Disciple

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Prayer is communication with God. If we call ourselves as disciples of Christ then we should also have a daily communication with God. In a family, if a child has less/no communication with the parents, then it is not a healthy sign. They do not know each other as they ought to. There will be lot of misunderstandings and assumptions …

Sheep in Wolf's clothing


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  We are living in a world of wickedness, corruption, hypocrisy, pride, lust, greed, deception, cheating and infidelity. All these have their roots in our self; and it is manifested when the spirit of man becomes slave to his flesh.   All these characters are very evident among people. God Almighty does not tolerate it and He grieves “Then the Lord saw the …