Thank you Lord

Thank You Lord

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Thank You Lord for the disobedient children, though so close,

I could taste how terrible You feel when we Your children disobey You.

Thank You Lord for all the pains, sorrows and griefs,

I could experience Your wholeness in me.

Thank you Lord for the unfriendly neighbours,

They made me draw closer to You that we could talk.

Thank You Lord for the traffic jams,

I could marvel that You keep everything in nature in order.

Thank You Lord for the deceiving shopkeeper,

I could see where You saved me from.

Thank You Lord for flattering friends,

I could realise that You are Truth Yourself.

Thank You Lord for hurting relatives,

I could get a glimpse of what You felt at your trial.

Thank You Lord for the privilege of prayer,

I could get so intimate with you,

And share everything I could not with others.

Thank You Lord for the light of Your Word,

I could walk in the right my way.

Thank You Lord for not giving me true friends,

I could open up to You and enjoy Your friendship,

Without fear of being misunderstood or gossiped about.

Thank You Lord for the storms in life,

I could hear You say “peace”.

Lily Abraham

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