Obedience brings Blessings

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Do we make choices in alignment with God’s Word? Or, do we make choices to please ourselves or the world?

As Christian believers, we need to obey God’s Word and commandments. Often we are challenged with choices to make in the secular world, at our jobs, business, family and personal lives. The Bible tells us that ‘Obedience is better than Sacrifice’ (1 Sam.15:22).

If you had to make a choice to do something as per the worldly standards, which is not right as per God’s Word, your blessing is right behind you. The minute you decide to obey and act in accordance to God’s Word, your blessing rushes right before you. And there you are…you receive heaven’s blessing; because you obeyed. It is the manifest presence of God through the Holy Spirit that enables us to walk in obedience. Obedience brings blessing and it allows God’s favour to surround our lives.

If someone has received a blessing, for example, good academic results, a job, a promotion or a business growth, even if they did not have the capability as required, it is God’s favour on their lives.

  • Favour is God’s presence on your life.
  • Favour opens doors that no man can shut.
  • Favour is what enables us do things beyond our capacity.

If there is one thing that invites God’s favour in your life that is visible publicly, it is holiness. One thing that invites God’s presence on your life is holiness. We should decide to lay aside every sin to help us run the race and live in holiness. May the Lord help us to act in obedience and live in holiness…Amen!!

~ Venishia Mendonsa

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